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LIVERPOOL HEARTBEAT MAIN OFFICE, 4 Tunnel Road, Wavertree, Liverpool L7 6QD
SWAN PRINT 495 Prescot Road, Old Swan, Liverpool L13 3BU
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IMG 8109
Cousin Dorrie receives the John Hulley Superhero Fab 4000 Comic.
Takes the comic down to the wine distillery and Toasts John Hulley & Liverpool Heartbeat 

IMG 8077 
John Hulley Superhero Comic now in the hands of the owners of Churchill Tapas Restaurant the best Restaurant in the Marina of Calla De Or.

 IMG 9181
The Fab 4000 John Hulley Comic, Liverpools First Superhero reaches Isaac House Orphanage in Uganda. All twenty orphans were given the comic by Paul Howells who built the orphanage.
Paul works for New Start and is given as much free time as needed to help keep up the great work he does in Uganda. Paul is a Superhero.

 IMG 9180
Hulley' snow in Tenerife

  IMG 9178
John Hulley records will only be broken by Olympic Stars

 IMG 7544
John Hulley Comic reaches Llandudno at the side of the Great Orme.
Where The 1865 & 1866 Olympic Festivals where held.

 IMG 20180413 022732
Hulley visits Hong Kong


Ken Dodd - 1st Honorary Super Hero


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