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logoLiverpool Heartbeat has been inspiring young people in the Northwest and Merseyside to pursue healthy, exciting, fulfilled life styles since its formation in 2002. And we're loving every minute.

Founded by Robin Baynes MBE the charity continues to support local youth organisations across the region. We've raised hundreds of thousands of pounds and invested every penny back into the community.

Aquathons, triatholons, bike rides, bee projects, dance and music, boxing, karate, football, rugby, mountain climbing, open water swimming, over the years we've supported it all.

Culminating in our founding of the John Hulley Lagacy, a series of sporting events that we have nurtured and supported towards achieving self sustaining financial success.

In 2012 Liverpool Heartbeat launched the campaign for the City of Liverpool to officially recognise John Hulley, the founder of the Modern Olympics. It was with a sense of pride that, on 25th April 2014, we unveiled the official recognition of this great Scouser, by means of a plaque mounted on the wall of the Park Road Leisure Centre.

We’ve connected with over 30,000 young people, bringing John Hulley Olympic  events to young people  from all over our region. John Hulley‘s Legacy lives on through the sporting achievements of the children that Liverpool Heartbeat supports.

We bought a minibus and called it the Dipper. The Dipper is very typical of the week in, week out support that Liverpool Heartbeat provides for the young people in our community.

Many organisations from around the city are provided free use of The Dipper. Look out for us and give us a wave, because whenever you see The Dipper you’ll know that young people are on their way to or from healthy and inspiring activities; from dance groups to football teams we’re helping across the board.

We take a very practical approach to helping young people, The Dipper is a great example of this…not being able to get to a game or performance simply because of a lack of transport is a terrible shame, that’s why we bought the Dipper.

It’s this same can do philosophy that we apply to all our projects, for instance, our city is brimming with young talented musicians and singers for whom the opportunity to record and release their music to a professional standard, and to achieve support and airplay of the region’s radio stations was virtually impossible.

So we created Big City Soul Collective, Liverpool’s not for profit record label. This year Liverpool Heartbeat is working with the Spitfire Heritage Trust to launch Mointain Bikes to Lesotho. We're collecting and shipping mountain bikes to this small African Kingdom. It’s important that we inform young people of the varied and diverse cultures of our commonwealth, and how we rely on, and must continue to support each other.

The story of the Lesotho Spitfires is one of the great lost tales of WWII and a great inspiration and bridge between both cultural and age.

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