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lesotho skyWe're delighted to have teamed up with SPITFIRE HERITAGE TRUST to bring the Mountain Bikes to Lesotho Program to the Northwest

The Spitfire is a powerful icon of the commonwealth, it crosses cultural devides and bridges age gaps. The Spitfire belongs to all of us, every woman, man, child, colour and creed. A symbol of freedom, tenacity and strength of will.

Lesotho is one of the heroes of the Second World War. In 1940 Britain was on the brink of invasion. At this critical time the Kingdom of Lesotho (formerly known as Basutoland) presented Britain with twenty-four Spitfire fighter aircraft, sufficient to equip two entire RAF squadrons. This was a disproportionately generous contribution from a Commonwealth country the size of Wales with a population of only 400,000 people.

lesotho12866No. 72 (Basutoland) Squadron is one of the relatively few Second World War squadrons that are still in existence. Spitfire Heritage Trust are good friends with the Prince of Lesotho and the High Commissioner in London.
The Trust are building a full size Spitfire replica monument to be housed in the Lesotho Royal Palace Public Gardens, as a tribute to the people of Lesotho.
They're presenting it along with representatives of the RAF in 2016.Spitfire Heritage Trust are collecting and shipping mountain bikes, to be distributed around the mountain villages of Lesotho.  



Practical support for communities
Our young people need a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, training in practical, transferable skills. And fond interaction between the generations. As well as a broad cultural understanding and respect for our joint historical journeys. Just like the kids from Lesotho do. The kids in Lesotho also need Mountain Bikes to get to school.

Liverpool Heartbeat are collecting mountain bikes with the help of MERSEYSIDE POLICE. These bikes will form the focus of a bike maintenance and ride techniques program for young people. After which, the bikes are to be shipped to Lesotho by Spitfire Heritage Trust for distribution around the mountain villages by their LESOTHO SKY partners. We have an amazing oportunity to work with young people from our region, to develop practical bike maintenance skills as well as learning to ride and compete as a team and to be inspired by the LESOTHO SKY 2016 MOUNTAIN BIKE

We're supporting them in getting bike fit and race savy, training riders and support teams for six days of grueling mountain bike challenge in the stunning mountains of the Kingdom of the Sky (Lesotho).

We'll give them a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, training in practical transferable skills. And fond interaction between the generations. As well as a broad cultural understanding and respect for, our joint historical journeys.  Just like the kids from Lesotho.



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 Thank you to Lesotho from Liverpool

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Liverpool Heartbeat, sourced bikes fpr Lesotho with masive help from Liverpool Police. This major contract was made through Rotary 1180



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