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Liverpool Heartbeat has started movement and called it:
We are empowering young people, offering them a platform and a means to connect with a wider audience. We are composing, recording, producing and promoting. We have the attention and good will of BBC Radio Merseyside, who are awaiting the next release from Big City Soul Collective. We have created a momentum and are taking it forward. This is the route to national airplay.

We are an open door for young talent, and those that find   music and promotion a  buzz, we want to meet you,
The next singers, composers, musicians, promoters, managers, producers, engineers, riggers and roadies, stylists, dancers, photographers, film producers, the whole kit and kabooddle!

We are connecting with potential ambassadors from all sectors of the arts.

We're working on our second single, and we're so excited!

Liverpool is teaming with talent, our city should be rightly proud of all the incredible creative opportunities made possible for the young people of Liverpool. From free recording studios to inspiring mentors, what a city for an artist to grow up in!
But what if peer pressure, non attendance of school and low self esteem were to stand in the way of the opportunities available to a young talent. Wouldn't you want to remove those barriers in order to see that artist bloom? This September after months of planning GRACE began striding over her earn her place as part of the creative pool that is at the heart of our city.



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Liverpool Heartbeat - Registered Charity 1120142

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